Tapas board F


Unique Tapas board, handmade from olive wood at Cortijo Dos Santos.



All our products are made by hand at Cortijo Dos Santos.
We use honest materials, preferably from our orchard or the region.

The natural holes and cracks in the olive wood are filled with epoxy, then the objects are treated with natural oils, this gives a warm, soft, rustic look and this brings out the beautiful drawings of the wood.
The oil ensures that the sinks and tapas shelves are water-repellent and easy to clean.

Clean the tapas board with a mild detergent.

It is advisable to perform maintenance with oil once a month:

  • Clean the tapas board in the normal way above.
  • Apply the oil with a cloth, let it soak for 15 minutes.
  • Then rub the oil well so that no oil residues are visible, otherwise it will stick.

Do not leave the oil wipes in a wad, but hang out! These are flammable!

Additional information


Olive wood


approx. 30 cm


approx. 20 cm


approx. 2,5 cm